Funny Couple Costume Ideas for Halloween

When you are in a happy relationship, what is more fun than dressing up together at Halloween? We really cannot think of anything! The challenging part is choosing one couples costume. There are countless costume ideas out there. Today, we have gathered some funny couple costume ideas that you could emulate this Halloween!

Bob Ross and a canvas painting of his happy little trees

Wilson and Chuck from Castaway

Eeek! Jack and Wendy from The Shining

Well, here we have a very suggestive electrical plug and wall outlet. Points for the creativity!

Uncle Sam and Rosie the Riveter

Santa and Buddy the Elf

The operation game board and the doctor. Super creative and funny costumes!

Barbie and Ken

Monopoly characters

Paula Deen and her beloved butter

This costume is a bit gross but definitely creative: Aunt Flow and tampons

KY His and Hers

The milkman and his lady… ooops

Crystal meth and Walter White

Patty Mayonnaise and Doug

All photos sourced from Pinterest.

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