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Dogs tend to be highly social animals. They usually enjoy being in the company of people and other animals (especially dogs). An Australian Shepherd mix named Moose was rescued at a very young age. His “mom” recently rescued another animal- a very happy and smiley fox named Juniper! What happened next was unbelievable and absolutely hilarious!! [Read more…]

We all know that visits to museums can be… boring. If you are not intrigued by the statues, paintings, and other artifacts, you may find that you feel quite miserable in museums! One man recently decided to make what would have been a boring museum visit into a hilariously amusing visit. You have to check out this hilarious story! [Read more…]

If you have never heard of Toast the Cavalier King Charles spaniel, you have been missing out! [Read more…]

Jimmy Kimmel’s television show always features hilarious comedy bits, funny interviews, and other amusing segments. Last night’s show was no different. As he does on occasion, Jimmy discussed a hilarious story from his personal life. Yesterday, he shared this hilarious story about Mother’s Day. [Read more…]

You won’t believe this!! [Read more…]

If you have ever watched The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, you know that he often performs hilarious skits with his celebrity guests, carries out lip sync battles, and recreates music videos. Just recently, Jimmy and actor Paul Rudd created a hilarious reenactment video of Styx’s “Too Much Time On My Hands.” [Read more…]

Matt, an extremely funny British father recently took to Facebook to share his experience of vacationing with his 7-month-old son, Charlie, and his partner Lyndsey. In a lengthy and hilarious post, Matt details the upsides and downsides to vacationing with a very young baby. [Read more…]

Need a little extra bounce in your step?

You’ve come to the right place then! This dog shows us all how to really enjoy life! He’s just hanging out, doing his doggy thing, but then he comes across this car in the street…

Many dogs will stop and bark at cars in the street. Others run away from them or begin chasing behind…

This dog is so wonderfully different!

What he does?

The bounce like a boss! With every beat he dips down and pops back up better than any celeb I’ve ever seen. Seriously, he is on point with those moves!

He might just be the coolest dog in the world.

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A lot goes into planning a wedding; the decorations, the dresses, the cake flavor, guest lists, and even the countless hours spent on rehearsing dances. Everyone loves to have a good laugh and shed a few tears at a wedding, that’s what it’s all about.

Every wedding is unique in it’s own way and that’s what makes them so enjoyable! This particular wedding had a lot of humor thrown into it for their audience. The Groomsmen alongside their Groom Nate, knew that they had the perfect dance routine to show off to Nate’s beautiful bride Amy.

Amy is a Physician’s Assistant, which you can pick up from the video and her husband Nate decided it would be funny to show exactly how he and his bride met which gave her quite the laugh! As the groomsmen all lined up facing away from Amy, everyone knew they were in for a fun time.

As seen from the video, you can tell that this was quite an enjoyable time for everyone involved and those at the wedding. A memorable time shared by the bride and groom that will be remembered for years!

H/T Little Things

When seeing a proposal happen whether it’s in person, or viewing a video of someone else, I often wonder how nervous and excited couples are during this experience and how some people can remain completely calm. Proposals can be unexpected and put you on the spot, where others are often planned out ahead of time through several family members to make sure that it’s as perfect as can be.

While some women can keep their calm and give a simple yes, I’ve found that others nervousness completely overcomes them and they faint! Yes, a woman actually fainted. Cameron Humfleet, who is the boyfriend of a woman named Brittany, planned out the perfect surprise proposal for his girlfriend. He incorporated his family as well as Brittany’s and thought that everything would run smoothly, until he popped the question that is. After getting down on one knee, and asking his girlfriend to be his bride, she completely fainted!

It took an entire fifteen minutes before Brittany woke up to a room full of family where she could give her boyfriend a “yes!” Poor Cameron had to wait all that time, but at least the couple will be happily married.

H/T Little Things