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It’s almost that time of the year that parents, especially moms, have waited for the entire summer. School is about to start, and while our children might not be happy about it, we must confess we feel a little tingle of joy deep down inside of us. It’s ok! You can allow yourself some relaxation hours while your kids are at school. You definitely deserve it! Moreover, you can even celebrate this occasion with some photos of funny moms.

Some moms were even more creative than most of us, and they captured these delightful back-to-school moments in a funny manner. Let’s take a look at the following photos of funny moms celebrating their kids’ first day of school and have some laughs.

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The zoo is a fantastically fun place for children! There, they can learn about animals, observe their behaviors, and have a great time exploring a new place. Recently, one little boy trained a sea lion unintentionally! The little boy stood outside a large tank and observed the animals inside. He then began to wave around a hat that was grasped in his hand. [Read more…]


It is always funny when children imitate things they have seen in movies or on television. Children seem to put their own unique spin on what they observe. Perhaps they modify the quotes they hear or the actions they witness. Either way, it ends up being amusing! [Read more…]


Few sounds in life are better than a baby’s belly laugh. A genuine laugh from a sweet little baby can bring a smile to anyone’s face! These days with all the sadness in the world, we could all use a smile and a good laugh. One father recently filmed a hilarious video as he spent time with his infant son, Ace. Like many other babies, certain words, intonations, or expressions can make Ace laugh. [Read more…]

Pokémon Go is the latest hit app that people are going crazy over! With Pokémon Go, you train, capture, and battle Pokémon in the real world through augmented reality. That means, you can literally see Pokémon right in front of you (with the help of your mobile phone, of course)! The app just recently released this month. Not surprisingly, it did not take long for hilarious tweets about the app to appear on various social media platforms. Some of the funniest tweets about Pokémon Go have shown up on Twitter. You have to see some of these hilarious tweets below! [Read more…]

Most young children have a favorite toy, blanket, or object they keep near them at all times. Whatever the beloved item is, it serves as a source of comfort and happiness for young children. But, what happens when that beloved item accidentally gets destroyed or lost? In most cases, the world completely crumbles! Two parents recently found that out when their young son’s favorite toy elephant went missing. Unsure of what to do, the boy’s parents turned to Reddit to help them console their young son. What happened next is stunning and hilarious! [Read more…]

Selfies are all the rage these days. Some people go to extreme measures to get the perfect selfie. In fact, there have recently been a few instances where people lost their lives falling off cliffs or other high-up locations because they were trying to take the best selfie they could. One man recently took the selfie of a lifetime. What made his selfie so special? He managed to take a sloth selfie!! [Read more…]


Moms and Dads typically play slightly different roles in their children’s lives. They both serve as caretakers for their children and they share some of the same responsibilities when it comes to parenthood. However, moms are typically the nurturers and dads are usually the ones who are all about having fun. [Read more…]

There are number of foods that are unhealthy or unsafe for dogs. Some of these foods include chocolate, grapes, onions, avocado, and more. Despite the fact that we can’t safely share those foods with our dogs, there are countless foods we eat that we can safely share with our beloved canine companions. When I saw this video of a precious, cute Corgi eating vegetables, I lost it. [Read more…]


You know you have a great dad when he takes your doll with him and ‘babysits’ her for the day. One father did just that for his little girl recently. Trent McCain owns a trucking company. Due to his long work hours, he does not get to spend lots with his young daughter. Recently, his daughter Joselyn asked her dad to babysit her doll Abbie for a day. Joselyn had a hidden agenda; she wanted her doll Abbie to keep her dad company during his long work hours.


Photo Credit: Facebook / McCain Enterprises LLC

Trent took his job as Abbie’s baby sitter very seriously. He went so far as to document his baby sitting experience with photographs so that Joselyn could see everything they did together throughout the day. Thanks to Trent, Abbie got to inspect trucks, take selfies with Trent, go fishing, and attempt to drive one of the trucks! Trent is an awesome baby sitter and even better dad!


Photo Credit: Facebook / McCain Enterprises LLC