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When the Washington family decided to take on adopting three children which were to add onto the two of their own, they knew they were getting their hands full. They adopted three biological brothers by the names of Michael, Camden, and Jess. Along with this big change to the Washington family, they had to adjust to the fact that one of the brothers had cerebral palsy.

During this whole process the wife of the family, Julia, was contacted by the social worker of the three brothers. The social worker had informed Julia that the brothers had a fourth sibling, who was only 17 months old. Five children total at this point, the Washington family knew that it would be so much more to handle another child in their family, especially at that young of an age.

Julia’s main concern however, was that Elijah (17 month old) would not be able to ever see his brothers or even grow up with them since he would be half way across the country. She felt that it was too unfair.

At this time, Julia’s neighbor who was also her friend heard about the adoption process that the Washington family was undergoing. Her friend, Jay Houston had adopted children herself, and she was also once in foster care. So this situation was more personal for her. Immediately Jay knew that she needed to adopt this little boy and welcome him into her big family.

It was a very special moment for Jay.

It turns out that the brothers were not able to live and be raised in the same household, but they were able to grow up together, living in the same town, and that itself is something wonderful.

“They all know they’re brothers and get to grow up together,” Jay told ABC. “They don’t live in same house but live in the same town… Knowing I get to be his mom forever, it’s an awesome gift and I’m really thankful for it.” ABCNews

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