For Your Amusement: Barbie Hipster Jokes on Instagram!

Alright ladies, we all know (or have heard) about THOSE girls. You know, those girls who post “ironic,” authentic, and “inspiring” hipster drivel all over their Instagram accounts. It can get annoying, but it can also provide a source of funny and easily mock-able entertainment. Well, an anonymous wedding photographer had the brilliant idea to make an Instagram about a hipster Barbie! The photographer is currently concealing her identity, but we hope she considers identifying herself. Lets give credit where credit is most definitely due! You see, the hipster jokes are just about too much to handle on the Socality Barbie Instagram. The photographer poses hipster Barbie in various “authentic” settings and pairs the photos with hilarious captions. All the while, Socality Barbie is posing in her beanie, glasses with thick frames, backpack, and Kinfolk magazine.

There are currently 114 posts on Socality Barbie’s Instagram page. Socality Barbie takes a bath? That girl isn’t just taking a bath, she is “taking a relaxing bath and feeling SO #BLESSED” Ugh. So funny, and definitely something you can see on your Instagram feed by real women who are totally “authentic, just like Socality Barbie! Pictures of food? Socality Barbie’s got that! “Candid” photos with her best friend forever? Socality Barbie has that too! Lounging peacefully in a hammock? Duh, Socality Barbie has a photo of that for sure! Scenic train track photo? Yep, she has that too.

Check out some of Socality Barbie’s funny hipster photos here. Also, check out the endless hipster jokes right one Socality Barbie’s Instagram page.

Socality Barbie has wanderlust. Try not to be jealous of her authentic adventures. We can’t all be that cool.

Credit: Socality Barbie / Instagram

Socality Barbie enjoys a nice, scenic view.

Credit: Socality Barbie / Instagram

Socality Barbie is one with nature. What, you don’t pose in trees?

Credit: Socality Barbie / Instagram