Find Out Why Everyone is Freaking Out About This Recent Graduate!

On Saturday, a 54-year-old man graduated from college. While his age alone makes his story unique, his prior employment makes it even more special. For close to a decade, Michael Vaudreuil worked as a custodian for Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. Michael owned a plastering business, but the economic recession in the mid 2000’s left him and his business bankrupt. He and his family lost their home, their car, and essentially everything else.

Photo Credit: CBS News

After he lost his business, the only job Michael could find was as a custodian for Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Out of desperation, he accepted the job. As a perk of the position with the school, he was allowed to take classes at no cost. Michael spent 8 years taking classes during the day and cleaning the school at night. On Saturday, May 14, Michael graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Michael is proof that hard work and determination pays off.