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Parents support us no matter what. They help us grow and overcome the most difficult situations. From your first steps to your graduation day, moms and dads will stick around doing their best to raise us well. Charles Brockman III example is no exception and his father and son picture will convince you of that.


He has recently shared a heartwarming picture of him being walked by his father, Charles Brockman Jr., to kindergarten. But that’s not all! The image is part of a collage and the other part shows them walking side by side to the son’s college campus.

Although these pictures were taken over a decade apart, they show that such a strong bond as a father-son love will never fade. Therefore, Charles Brockman III decided to honor his dad’s support by publicly posting these images on his Twitter account.

From the first day of kindergarten to college move in. Thank you dad.

— Charles Brockman III (@TheOnlyCharlesB) 13 august 2017

Haters will say it’s fake.. for whatever reason 💀 oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

— Charles Brockman III (@TheOnlyCharlesB) August 15, 2017

Being the parent of a young athlete is not an easy task for sure. Still, Charles Brockman III states he wouldn’t have had the same results in his athletic career without the support of his parents. Moreover, he said he had been truly blessed to receive the unconditional love of both his mom and dad.

His father and son picture that he posted on a social media network has gone viral and an impressive number of people shared or retweeted the image while being impressed and inspired by this father-son story. Many followers showed their appreciation for this kind of bond and they left a lot of encouraging messages.

Just saw your story on @NBCNightlyNews Soo many feelz ❤️Bless you & your dad

— sookietex (@sookietex) August 16, 2017

Charles III, as well as both of his parents, were all pleasantly surprised of how well people reacted to their post that showed a simple yearly family tradition of walking their son to his major life events such as the first day of school and others.

The young athlete went further and praised his father for teaching him to be a smart, hard-working adult and represent their family well. I am sure his dad is pleased to find out that Charles III plans to follow his father’s advice for the rest of his life.

Charles’ Accomplishments

Charles is a freshman at Mississippi State University. Also, he has won the golden Olympic medal in hurdle racing no less than six times. According to his Twitter bio, Charles is already an accomplished athlete. He will even join the MSU track this coming fall. So, as it seems, his and his parents’ efforts and work were definitely not in vain.

But there’s more! Being ambitious and perseverant made Charles decide on what he wants to study next. He plans on specializing in communication and broadcast journalism. From what we can see, he is off to a more than good start because he already mastered the secrets of making a Twitter go viral.

His father still plays an important role in Charles’ life by coaching him in both track and field. Charles (the dad) even gives credit for him being fit to coaching his son.

Finally, Charles Brockman III told the media he is more than happy with the positive reactions of most people. Also, he hopes his story inspired and motivated others to create a special bond with their children.

We wish Charles all the best and motivation to pursue and achieve all his goals. Also, we hope their father and son picture has inspired you.

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