Everyone MUST Visit Jellyfish Lake In Palau At Least Once!

There are so many incredible, must-see places on this earth. So many that it would difficult to keep track of them all! Possibly one of THE BEST has to be Jellyfish Lake Palau!

Today, we are telling you about an incredible lake in Palau that you must add to your travel wish list. Jellyfish Lake in Palau is exactly what it sounds like- a lake filled with live jellyfish. What a sight it is to see! The lake’s real name is Ongeim’l Tketau or Fifth Lake. It is located on the Eli Malk island in Palau.

Visit Jellyfish Lake In Palau!


Photo Credit: National Geographic

In the lake, you will find golden jellyfish that have adapted over the years to the conditions of the lake. This means, these jellyfish do not have large and dangerous stingers because they do not need them. The lake is approximately 12,000 years old and is an incredible place to visit.

Each day, the jellyfish follow a specific migration pattern moving from the lake’s western basin to the eastern basin, then later from the eastern basin to the western basin, and so forth. You can also spot some moon jellyfish in the lake.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia

If you visit this idyllic lake, you can purchase a pass and snorkel at the lake. However, scuba diving is prohibited. Rock Islands/Jellyfish Lake visiting passes are valid for 10 days and cost $100.00. This is most definitely a unique, must-visit destination. Plus, there are plenty of other incredible sights to see in and around Palau! Scroll down to check out an incredible video of a person snorkeling in the lake.


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Photo Credit: The Daily Scrolls