Erika and Stephen Jones Inspiring Baby Story

Erika and Stephen Jones are an incredible couple who have recently been in the news. You see, not long before their daughter Abigail’s due date, they found out she had some sort of tumor on her brain. A few months prior to that, they found out she would be born with Down Syndrome. Although they initially were in a state of shock, they quickly accepted her diagnosis and were eager for her to be born.

However, the discovery of her brain tumor was a devastating blow. Erika is a nurse and was fully aware that the brain tumor was likely to kill baby Abigail in a short period of time. Abigail was delivered via a Cesarian section on August 6, 2015. Doctors believe her brain tumor is cancerous, and there are no viable treatment options for such a young baby who has such an aggressive brain cancer. The doctors cautioned her parents that she will likely not live long, and they suggested bringing her home with pediatric hospice services. Her doctors feared she would die shortly after birth. However, Abigail has outlived her doctor’s initial estimations.

Although the long-term outlook for little Abigail’s life is bleak, her parents and older sister are giving her as much attention, love, and care as they possibly can. A photographer captured some incredible pictures of the family spending time with baby Abigail. It is apparent from the pictures that Abigail’s family is cherishing every moment they have with her. Check out the beautiful family pictures below.

The Jones family- Erika, baby Abigail, big sister Audrey, and Stephen

Credit: 8.08 Photography – Via

Baby Abigail taking a nap

baby-a2-2606502 Credit: 8.08 Photography – Via