Enter Sweepstakes For a LifeLine Skin Car Gift Basket Worth $277

Many women care about the appearance of their skin- specifically, their facial skin. For good reason! On a daily basis, your face is exposed to the sun’s rays, toxins in the environment, and whatever skin care treatments or products you put on your face. With lots of sun exposure and poor quality skin care products, your face will quickly begin to show signs of age. Fine lines and wrinkles will become prominent and age spots or discoloration may occur. Using poor quality skin care products can also take a toll on the look of your skin. If you use skin products that have harsh or irritating chemicals, you may find that your face will become red, irritated, broken out, dry, or discolored. One way to prevent this from happening is to use high quality products that help, not harm, your skin! Another reason why taking good care of your skin is important is because your face is one of the very first things people see when they look at you. All of these factors combined make it imperative to take care of your skin.

Because so many of you do care about your skin, we are offering a very special giveaway! You can enter to win a Lifeline basket full of incredible Lifeline skin care goodies right here on Chicks News! This incredible skin care gift basket is valued at $277.00, and can be yours for FREE if you are the winner of our beauty giveaway. So, what exactly will you receive if you win this awesome giveaway? You will receive a 1 ounce container of Neck Firming Complex, a 0.5 ounce container of Eye Firming Complex, and a .27 ounce jar of Refresh Polishing Gelée. Also, these skin care items come in a stylish little carrying case (perfect to take with you when you travel)! These products do incredible wonders for aging skin! They focus on the aging neck and facial skin areas. Your chances of winning this giveaway will depend upon the number of individuals who enter. Enter before the contest ends this August 29, 2016!

Are You Wondering How These Lifeline Skin Care Products Work?

We will tell you! You begin by using the Refresh Polishing Gelée to cleanse and prepare your skin for the next products you will be applying. Next, you will apply the Eye Firming Complex to the delicate skin around your eyes. This will help reverse and reduce the signs of aging around your eyes (say goodbye to those obnoxious crow’s feet and fine lines!) Then, apply the Neck Firming Complex to your next and upper chest. You should begin to see amazing changes in your skin. The result of using these products should be healthier, more youthful looking skin. Who doesn’t want that??

These products use advanced biotechnology to invigorate and improve the look of your skin. The products are made from a peptide formula of antioxidants and the skin-improving powers of non-embryonic stem cells. How incredible is that? These products have been created using cutting-edge scientific research.

Are you interested in learning about the specific products and how they work? Read on to learn more! The Refresh Polishing Gelée helps prepare your skin for the application of the special Neck and Eye Firming Complexes. It also exfoliates dead skin cells off your face with special polishing ingredients that refresh and rejuvenate your skin. Unlike some skin products that have an off-putting scent, the Refresh Polishing Gelée has a delightful and natural grapefruit seed oil scent! This product is packed full of antioxidants that are wonderful for the health and overall appearance of your skin. Your skin will feel fresh and rejuvenated after your use this skin polishing product.

When you use the Neck Firming Complex, you will see firmer, tightened skin on your neck and lower chest that anti-ages right before your eyes. The product helps skin become a more even tone by reducing discoloration and redness. Wrinkles and fine lines decrease and are replaced with smoother, even skin. By using this product, collagen production gets a boost and cell renewal is supported.

When using the Eye Firming Complex, you will notice that the skin above and around your eyes will tighten up and wrinkles will decrease. Your skin will become better hydrated which also decreases the look and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. Say goodbye to puffy eyes and redness when you use this awesome Lifeline skin care product! We all know that eyes are a very sensitive area, but don’t worry! The Eye Firming Complex is gentle and safe to use around your eyes.

Customers of Lifeline skin care products agree- these products do what they claim to do and are well worth their cost! This product package has consistently excellent reviews from satisfied customers. Wouldn’t you love to try these awesome skin care products for FREE to find out for yourself how great they are? If you enter this beauty giveaway, you have a chance of winning this skin care gift basket set for yourself. Then, you can try it and hopefully you too will see incredible changes in your skin.

It is great to get some Vitamin D from the sun, but you must also be aware of the sun’s harmful and damaging rays. Ultra violet rays from the sun damage the look and appearance of skin, but they also increase your chances of developing skin cancer over time. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation causes potential mutations in your skin cells which can lead to melanoma and other types of skin cancer. Effects of sun exposure are cumulative, so taking proper care of your skin is essential throughout your entire life.

If you have already damaged your skin through tanning or use of poor quality skin products over the years, it is not too late to try to reverse some of the damage! The Lifeline products described above can work wonders on the appearance of damaged skin. Their use of antioxidants and non-embryonic skin cells improves the damage caused by the sun and other harsh toxins in our environment. While primary skin care prevention is most ideal, it is never too late to improve your skin care routine and begin taking better care of yourself and your skin! Using high quality skin care products such as the ones from Lifeline is a great way to take care of yourself and your skin. Remember, your face is what people will see and notice when they look at you. What do you hope people will see when they look at your face? If your answer is youthful, radiant, healthy-looking skin, Lifeline skin care products may be ideal for you! If that is the case, you should definitely consider entering our giveaway for your chance to win! We bet that if you try these products, you will LOVE them!

If you are curious about the non-embryonic stem cells in these products, read on because we are going to tell you more about it. The stem cells in these skin care products are extracted from unfertilized eggs rather than from fertilized embryos. The Lifeline company is prolife and does not destroy embryos when they perform research on stem cells. Because of the small sized ingredient molecules in these products, the skin care therapies can be absorbed by the skin much more easily. In addition to performing research pertaining to the improvement of skin and better skin care products, Lifeline’s parent company, International Stem Cell Corporation performs research on a variety of diseases. These diseases include liver disease, Parkinsons Disease, and other degenerative diseases. This is a great company that is distributing excellent products that do what they claim to do! These days, it can be hard to find products that live up to their hype. That isn’t the case with this Lifeline targeted solutions gift set. Customers consistently agree that all Lifeline products, specifically this line of products, truly do what they claim to do!

If you want a chance to win these amazing products, be sure to enter your email address in the pop up box here on our Chicks News website. You can enter one email address for your chance to win. You must enter on or before August 29, 2016. One winner will be randomly selected on August 29, 2016. If you are the winner of the drawing, you will be notified immediately after the drawing via the email address you initially enter. The randomly chosen winner will have 5 days to respond to the notification email and provide their mailing address so the Lifeline prize products can be mailed to their address. If the winner fails to respond to the email within the 5 day time frame, a new winner will be selected at random. The same rules will apply for the next winner (they have 5 days to respond to the notification email and provide their mailing address). Your chances of winning these great products will depend upon the number of people who enter this beauty giveaway. Good luck!