Dress Up your Porch with Funky Cool Pumpkin Decorations

Happy fall, everyone! This is such a great time of the year. We all that that key fall decoration staples are pumpkins and gourds. What would this time of year be without fall pumpkin decorations?? There are so many things you can do with pumpkins and gourds! You can carve them, paint them, poke random holes in them, decorate with them, make food from them, and so forth. Today, we are showing you a list of crazy, funny, and super unique pumpkin decorations! We hope you can find some pumpkin decorating inspiration from these photos!

Credit: Pinterest

How cool is this pumpkin? Paint it white, add some lettering, and make a witch’s hat out of paper. Add some ribbon and feathers and voila! You have a really creative looking pumpkin decoration!

Credit: Pinterest

This Cookie Monster pumpkin is great! It seems pretty simple to make. Just carve a mouth, paint your pumpkin blue, and add Styrofoam balls for eyes. This pumpkin decoration would not be complete without some delicious, fresh cookies!


Credit: Pinterest

Check out this “ice cream!” This is super creative. It looks like you would need some sort of dowel rod to keep these pumpkins stacked. Then, you just need to paint them, add some “sprinkles,” and add some fluffy material (maybe pillow stuffing?” as the bottom of the ice cream scooped pumpkins!