Dream Wedding Ruined By Cancer-Nurse Response Will Bring Tears!

Recently, Destini Schafer and her fiancee Brandon Thomas had plans to elope in Jamaica. As we all know, life does not always go according to our plans. Destini began to experience stomach pains that would not go away. The diagnosis? Stage 4 cancer, which means the cancer had already begun to spread throughout her body. Despite the devastating news, the couple still wanted to get married. However, eloping in Jamaica was no longer an option. You MUST see what happens next. Get your tissues ready.

Photo Credit: ABC News

One nurse decided to help the couple have their dream wedding right there at the hospital. A registered nurse named Ashley Shipley-Lovekamp organized the wedding in a few short days. She was even able to gathered donations for the wedding. The tuxes, a maid of honor dress, and other wedding supplies were donated. Destini and Brandon had a beautiful wedding ceremony in a garden on the hospital grounds. Their infant son together and 3 children from previous relationship were in attendance along with family and close friends. Nurse Ashley Shipley-Lovekamp recognized that Destini’s time may be short, and she wanted to help her focus on something other than her cancer diagnosis.

You can view clips from their wedding in a video below: