Don't Blink With This Incredible Mind Blowing Eye Art

If you tell someone you are an art major, they will typically a) throw you a skeptical look as if to imply ‘that is a waste of an education and you are going to be broke’ or b) tell you outright that your degree will be useless and you will be broke. Super harsh, but this scenario plays out over and over again. Ask any artist. The thing is, artists contribute so much to our society. The pieces of art (such as the eye art below) they contribute inspire us, move us, humble us, and make us think.

Today, we have gathered photos of some absolutely inspiring and incredible eye art. The artist Tal Peleg’s artist palette consists of a variety of makeup and paints. She uses a variety of tools and techniques to achieve these eye art masterpieces on her unusual canvas, a woman’s eyelid.

Incredible Mind Blowing Eye Art

Check out this cute little foxy-eye!

Fruits and sweets. Look at the incredible detail!

“Let it go, let it go!” Frozen themed makeup!

Super girl makeup inspired by Barbie!