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If you know anything about Indian weddings, you probably know that they are typically large, ritualistic celebrations that many people attend. At these celebrations you will see many colors everywhere- in the decorations, on the attendees, and so forth. You will also hear traditional Indian music and see traditional Indian symbols. It is not uncommon for thousands of people to attend Indian weddings, and for endless amounts of Indian food to be prepared and shared. Today, we are telling you about what may seem to many of us as a bizarre story about dogs in weddings. At first read, that might not sound so strange. Dogs in weddings. Lots of people include their dogs in their wedding ceremony. But that is not what we are talking about. We are talking about an Indian wedding FOR dogs. In this instance, the bride and groom are canines.

Not long ago, a large wedding celebration was held in Uttar Pradesh, a northern Indian state. More specifically, this wedding was held in the Pawara Village. The groom, a dog, arrived in a car that had been decorated in flowers. Over 5,000 enthusiastic people from the village gathered to celebrate the union of the 2 dogs. The bride was escorted by er human owner. Her owner tearfully described her as being like a daughter to him. The attendees danced to the Indian music and celebrated the marriage of the dogs. This marriage ceremony was held based on traditional Hindu rituals and beliefs. After the ceremony, the Indian feast was shared among the guests. At the end of the celebration, the bride and groom left together in a car. Do you feel as though this is something that you have to see for yourself?

Check out the video below to witness the incredible celebration of these dogs in weddings.

Source: Youtube

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