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Many teenagers go through that awkward phase where they have crooked, misaligned teeth and need to wear braces. Braces are not very fun. They make your mouth hurt, limit the kinds of food you can eat, and they certainly are not a fashion statement. Plus, they cost a lot of money. Imagine what it’s like for the family pet to wear dog braces.

However, the end result makes it worth all the pain and expense. In some instances, braces are placed on teeth to make a person look as perfect as possible. In other situations, braces are needed for medical purposes. While it is common to see braces on teenagers and young adults, you may occasionally see braces on adults.

But what about animals (dog braces anyone)? Just recently, an adorable 6-month-old golden retriever puppy named Wesley has received quite a bit of attention in the media.

Why? Because this little darling has dog braces.


Photo Credit: CBS News

Yes, little Wesley has doggie braces to correct his misaligned teeth that were preventing his mouth from closing properly. For Wesley, his braces were out of medical and health necessity rather than purely of out cosmetic desire. Prior to having his braces, Wesley had difficulty eating. This was proving to be a serious problem that needed to be addressed because he was also losing weight and experiencing pain. So, a veterinarian named Dr. Moore attached braces to Wesley’s front teeth. Luckily for Wesley, he will not have to rock his braces for very long as many people do. These dog braces only have to be on his teeth for a few weeks at most. The end result should be straighter teeth that do not cause Wesley pain when he chews food and plays with his toys.

Photo Credit: ABC News

We think Wesley looks ADORABLE with his braces, and we hope his teeth will be straight and pain-free in no time!

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