DIY Clothing Project for Ill Fitting Out of Style Clothes


Credit: Pinterest

You can turn old pajama pants into funky new scarves.

This project requires a bit of pinning and sewing, but we know you can do it if you try! If you are not handy with a sewing machine, you can probably use that fabric-friendly iron-on adhesive. For the full scoop on how to turn pajama bottoms into infinity scarves, check out this blog.

Credit: Pinterest

You can make your jean shorts fancy with lace.

This project is not too challenging. You will need scissors, lace, and a needle and thread (or fabric glue). Check out this Youtube video for more info on how to create your fancy shorts!

Credit: Pinterest

You can turn an old t-shirt into a reusable bag.

This project is relatively simple and is ego-friendly too! Totally win-win, amiright? To turn an old shirt into a bag, you need scissors, an old shirt, a marker or a pen, and a sewing machine. For further details on how to make a reusable bag out of a shirt, check out this blog.