DIY Clothing Project for Ill Fitting Out of Style Clothes

Do you have a closet full of clothing that no longer fits or is totally out of style? Hold off on emptying out your closet and hauling everything over to the Salvation Army! Give a DIY clothing project a try first! You can complete DIY clothing projects with those old, ill-fitting articles of clothing. From worn out t-shirts to ugly baggy pajama bottoms, these projects can utilize any apparel you own and turn them into something new and fun. The projects are pretty simple, meaning you do not need to be Martha Stewart to complete these DIY clothing projects. Give them a try! We believe in your crafting abilities, and you should too!

Credit: Pinterest

You can make a pillow cover out of a old, shrunken sweater!

This project can be done several ways, but we are sharing the no-sew version with you. It just requires some tying and adjusting! For more info, check out this how-to Youtube video.

Credit: Pinterest

Y0u can make a braided t-shirt rug.

This project is great because it does not require any sewing! You just need to be able to cut, braid, and tie. You can get really creative with this project. The color and pattern choices are only limited by the t-shirts you have available to cut up! For more info about this project, check out the link to this blog.