Discover the SHOCKING Origin of this Woman's Sickness At Disney World! | Chicks News

Kate Smith, her husband, and two young children were visiting Disney World from Liverpool, England. They were having a fantastic vacation, but Kate started to feel rather ill. She chalked it up to riding too many roller coasters at Disney World. However, her nausea just would not go away.

She began to wonder what was wrong, and finally decided to take a pregnancy test. It was positive! But the exciting news did not stop there.

Upon returning home to English, Kate had an ultrasound that revealed that she was pregnant with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR babies! Initially excited and amused, and then scared, Kate and her husband were a bit concerned about adding four new additions t their family. Sadly, one baby passed away during the pregnancy.

In February, Kate gave birth to three very health triplets: Gerard, Annie, and Dolly. This sweet family of seven is doing well.

Photo Credit: Caters

Photo Credit: Caters

How adorable are these triplets??