Determined Sheepdog Traveled 200 Miles Alone Back To Family | Chicks News

Pero the Sheepdog, was taken over 200 miles away from his home in Penrhyncoch, North Wales, to Cockermouth, Cumbria, he was clearly devastated. He was only going for a trial at another farm to see how it worked out – but he didn’t know that. For all he knew, he was going away forever. 

So while he was out in Cumbria herding sheep, he disappeared. For 12 days, no-one knew where he’d gone. That is until he turned up on his original owner’s doorstep.

His owners, Alan James, a farmer, and his wife, Shan, couldn’t believe it when he appeared.

The family had no idea how he managed to travel as far as he did. They had to wonder how he sheltered himself and managed to find food. It was quite the mystery but they couldn’t be happier to see their dog again, and he couldn’t be happier to see his family and the other dogs that they owned.

This dog had such determination to find his way home to where he belonged, and he did just that.