Deaf Contestant On 'Dancing With The Stars' Shocked Everyone With Amazing Performance | Chicks News

Winner of season 22 of America’s Next Top Model, Nyle DiMarco, teamed up with Dancing With The Stars’ Sharna Burgess for an incredible routine on the show this week. Nyle is unique to this competition in that he is the first deaf contestant that has ever appeared on the show. He is known for activism in the deaf community as well as his acting and modeling careers. And, while he may be hearing impaired, Nyle brought some serious talent to the dance floor!

Being deaf comes with a few challenges when it comes to dancing. Nyle relies on his ability to feel the beat of the music when performing. This incredible skill allows him to dance flawlessly! However, what makes this dance even more incredible is that the song they used lacks a heavy beat.

Nyle impressed everyone when he managed to execute this dance perfectly without the ease of feeling the low grumble of a bass line. The dance began slow, but as it picked up everyone was blown away. The couple moved together with so much grace and agility that you would never guess Nyle is hearing impaired!

This routine is sure to leave you breathless. Regardless of the underlying challenges the dancers faced, this dance was clearly the best one of the night. There is no denying that Sharna is an extremely talented dancer; however, this dance showed us that Nyle is definitely the breakout star of the season.

There are many talented dancers on this show, but some believe that Nyle could most definitely take it the whole way and end up winning this competition.

Check out the video below of this beautiful couple dancing their routine on the last episode of Dancing With The Stars.

H/T Thoughtful Women