Dave Chappelle Calling Prince's Death The “Black 911.” | Chicks News

Dave Chappelle got emotional when remembering Prince … just one night after calling the singer’s death, the “Black 9/11.”

Dave hit up The Nice Guy in West Hollywood Saturday night when our photog asked about Prince. At first, Dave was shy to talk about it … but then called the loss something that’s hit home for everyone.

If you grew up in the 80’s, there’s no way you didn’t know who Prince was. Even kids who grew up in the 90’s still to this day listen and enjoy his music. An idol was lost.

It was reported Dave called Prince’s death the “Black 9/11” at a show in San Francisco Friday … saying it’s important everyone grieves together. You’ll remember … his “Chappelle’s Show” famously featured a skit about the singer in one of its funniest projects.