Daisy Ridley's #NoMakeUp Selfie Has Powerful Message | Chicks News

Daisy Ridley is an up-and-coming celeb who recently played the role of Rey in the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. Daisy recently posted a selfie to her Instagram account that was clearly altered with filters and displayed the hashtags #nofilter and #nomakeup.

In her text, Ridley said she ‘woke up like this.’ She goes on to point out that none of those 3 statements are true. Ridley explains that people only tend to share their carefully selected, edited, and perfected photos on social media. In an effort to be completely honest with her fans, Daisy states that she has imperfect skin so she does not post makeup-less selfies, she sometimes struggles at the gym and must be motivated by her trainer to continue her workouts, and that she does not always smile.

Credit: ETonline

She finishes her statement by explaining that despite all this she does love herself and feels happy about the people around her. Like ‘the force’ in Star Wars, Daisy tries to keep everything balanced! This is an important message for people to hear. This is especially true for young fans who may forget that the things they see on social media do not always accurately or fully depict what a person’s appearance and life truly is like.