Cute Corgi Reacting To Fruits & Veggies!

There are number of foods that are unhealthy or unsafe for dogs. Some of these foods include chocolate, grapes, onions, avocado, and more. Despite the fact that we can’t safely share those foods with our dogs, there are countless foods we eat that we can safely share with our beloved canine companions. When I saw this video of a precious, cute Corgi eating vegetables, I lost it.


Photo Credit: YouTube

One dog owner recently allowed his corgi named Great Gatsby to sample a variety of healthy and dog-friendly fruits and veggies. The man caught everything on video, and it is so cute! Gatsby knows exactly what he likes and dislikes. He was a big fan of watermelon, but not at all interested in a slice of lemon (and who can blame him)! Gatsby appeared to like more foods than he disliked. Just don’t waste your time on the Brussels-sprouts because Gatsby is not a fan (although he did give them a chance)! Check out Gatsby’s funny food-tasting video below.