Custom DIY Hammock Is Helping Homeowners Enjoy The Summer!

Very little is more satisfying than creating your own household decor and furniture. However, it can also be rather frustrating at times. Ultimately, the end results makes it not worth the stress or hassle you may encounter. That sentiment is not the case with this custom DIY hammock.

Today, we are telling you how to create your own backyard hammock. It is affordable (way cheaper than purchasing one pre-made), customizable, and so easy! The following directions will outline how you can make your own new-sew hammock.

DIY Hammock Supplies:

A piece of fabric that is approximately 7 feet long (or even longer!) and at least 3 1/2  feet wide- sturdy cotton fabric works well, but you may even be able to find material at your local Salvation Army or resale store.

2 to 3 feet of webbing or

cord or rope- shop around to get the best price!

DIY Hammock Directions:

Take one of the ‘short’ ends of your fabric and fold it over to make an 8 inch (non sewed) hem. With your cord or rope, tie a loop and keep a 3 to 4 inch ‘tail.’ Approximately 2 inches from the edge of your hem, gather the fabric from both sides. Hold them tight with your hand. With your tied rope/cord loop, wrap it around the fabric where your hand is holding the ends of the hammock. Threat the end of your rope or cord through the loop and pull it tightly. Once that is tight around the ends of the fabric, wrap your cord or rope around the bunched up fabric several times. Then, tie the two ends of the rope together with a sturdy knot. Push the webbing through each hem and tie a knot at each end. Ta da! Your hammock is complete!