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Couples have come up with some creative ways to reveal if they are expecting a baby girl or a baby boy. One couple in South Dakota came up with a unique and bold way to reveal their unborn baby’s sex. Soon-to-be parents Amanda and Gerald decided Amanda would dye her hair pink or blue depending upon the sex of their baby. [Read more…]

If you enjoy shopping on Etsy, you may already know that you can find some really unique items! Etsy is one of the best places to find unique necklaces and other customized, distinct jewelry. [Read more…]


Easter is this Sunday! Although it is not too far away, you still have enough time to create fun, decorative Easter eggs. Sure, you can use regular old food coloring to dye and decorate your eggs, but why not try something different? Today, we have gathered a few unique and awesome techniques that will yield equally unique decorative eggs! Please note, some decorating techniques will make the eggs unsafe to consume. We will give you the low down on how to create these coo, DIY eggs right at home. [Read more…]


If you tell someone you are an art major, they will typically a) throw you a skeptical look as if to imply ‘that is a waste of an education and you are going to be broke’ or b) tell you outright that your degree will be useless and you will be broke. Super harsh, but this scenario plays out over and over again. Ask any artist. The thing is, artists contribute so much to our society. The pieces of art (such as the eye art below) they contribute inspire us, move us, humble us, and make us think. [Read more…]


If you are familiar with New York City, you know that there are countless restaurants to choose from. Some of the most creative (not to mention DELICIOUS) foods can be found in the Big Apple. If you plan to spend time in New York City in the near future and you LOVE unique eats, check out these incredible treats at two NYC restaurants! We do not recommend viewing the following pictures if you are hungry because we can almost guarantee that your mouth will start watering! [Read more…]


It may only be the very beginning of February, but wedding season will be here before you know it. If you are a bride-to-be, you know that planning ahead is basically a necessity in the wedding world. For many brides, wedding ideas start swirling within minutes of answering “YES!” to a marriage proposal. For others, those wedding ideas pop up before a wedding or a proposal is even on the horizon! With websites like Pinterest and apps like Instagram readily accessible, it is easier than ever to stumble across (or flat out search) for wedding ideas that you love. Today, we are showing you some unique and fresh wedding color themes. [Read more…]

Christmas may be over, but Valentine’s Day is not too far away. As always, Etsy is brimming with incredible and unique gifts for everyone you know. If you are thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day (or a birthday or anniversary), and need ideas for Etsy gifts for him, we have some perfect suggestions. Check them out below. [Read more…]

It is already December, and the holidays are just around the corner. Everyone has their favorite aspect of the holidays, whether that be the gift giving (or the gift receiving), the sights and sounds, the foods, or the decorations. For those who enjoy decorating during the holidays, one’s home can be the ideal outlet for the expression of Christmas spirit. If you venture out into neighborhoods around the holidays, you can find some incredible light displays. Some of the BEST Christmas light displays are stunning with just the right amount of lights and decorations- not too many and not too few. They may have music synchronized with the lights, moving decorations, or other unique decorations. [Read more…]

Since December is not too far away, we thought we would jump ahead and show you some creative Elf on the Shelf pictures that may inspire your Elf’s antics and adventures this holiday season. If you are unfamiliar with Elf on the Shelf, we will happily fill you in. An Elf on the Shelf is a mischievous little creature that arrives at your house just in time for the holiday season. The Elf keeps an eye on your child/children. Then, the Elf then reports back to Santa each night and lets him know whether the children are behaving or misbehaving. Throughout the elf’s time in your home, the he/she will get into trouble. The level of trouble your Elf finds himself/herself in really depends on the Elf’s personality. There are some naughty little elves out there! After the holidays are over, your Elf returns to the North Pole until next year. [Read more…]

Can you believe Halloween is just a few days away? Soon after, we will be thinking about turkeys and trees.

But for now, we are thinking about all things spooky! If you have shopped on Etsy before, you know it is a gold mine full of cute, fantastic, unique items. [Read more…]