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Weddings are fun, festive occasions full of laughter and love. Individual taste and touches make each wedding as unique as the couple getting married! Some couples have incredible visions for their wedding, and the end result is absolutely breathtaking. You have to see these AMAZING wedding photos that you wish you could recreate (or perhaps you will attempt to recreate!)

Photo Credit: Pinterest

How stunning is this winter wedding?? Ahh.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Wow. Those Chinese Lanterns create an absolutely breathtaking sight!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

We love the way the bride’s veil creates a slightly hazy but romantic feeling in this photo!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

That sunset and the ocean… OMG! Love!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The glow from that light is jaw droppingly beautiful!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This photo looks like it is straight out of a fairy tale!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

How ethereal! The bright green foliage contrasts so beautifully with the bride’s white dress.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Totally beautiful and oozing with romance!

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