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When you are in a happy relationship, what is more fun than dressing up together at Halloween? We really cannot think of anything! The challenging part is choosing one couples costume. There are countless costume ideas out there. Today, we have gathered some funny couple costume ideas that you could emulate this Halloween! [Read more…]

Halloween will be here before we know it, so today we are bringing you a list of suggested Halloween party foods! Some are cute, and some are downright disturbing! [Read more…]

Happy National Coffee Day! Today is all about coffee! In honor of National Coffee Day, we wanted to show you some amazing latte art. If you head to your local coffee shop or chain gas station, there is a good chance you can score a FREE cup of coffee! (Some shops like Krispy Kreme are also giving away FREE plain donuts. Go get some!) If you have never seen latte art before, be prepared to be blown away! It really is incredible! Enjoy! And if you get thirsty, get yourself some FREE coffee! If you feel inspired, try making latte patterns like this yourself! [Read more…]

Happy fall, everyone! This is such a great time of the year. We all that that key fall decoration staples are pumpkins and gourds. What would this time of year be without fall pumpkin decorations?? There are so many things you can do with pumpkins and gourds! You can carve them, paint them, poke random holes in them, decorate with them, make food from them, and so forth. Today, we are showing you a list of crazy, funny, and super unique pumpkin decorations! We hope you can find some pumpkin decorating inspiration from these photos! [Read more…]


Do you have a closet full of clothing that no longer fits or is totally out of style? Hold off on emptying out your closet and hauling everything over to the Salvation Army! Give a DIY clothing project a try first! You can complete DIY clothing projects with those old, ill-fitting articles of clothing. From worn out t-shirts to ugly baggy pajama bottoms, these projects can utilize any apparel you own and turn them into something new and fun. The projects are pretty simple, meaning you do not need to be Martha Stewart to complete these DIY clothing projects. Give them a try! We believe in your crafting abilities, and you should too! [Read more…]


Today, we are bringing you a super awesome ‘how to’ that you can easily do at home! We found this neat video that explains how to make gummy candy! The video is extra cool because it explains how to make Lego gummy candy! These gummy candies are sturdier than gummies made solely out of Jell-O, but they are still delicious and edible! Plus, they are so much fun to play with! You can actually build with them. If done correctly, your gummies will be completely clear and not sticky! If you refrigerate them, they will last for up to a month. You can even turn them into sour Lego gummy candy by adding citric acid! [Read more…]


If you enjoy creating your own unique clothing, you will most likely enjoy this fun DIY project! Today, we are going to tell you how to dip dye a shirt (or whatever other article of clothing you might want to dip dye). Dip dying is similar to tie dying, but even simpler! You only need one color of dye, although you could use more if you want. Also, you do not need any rubber bands. See? Much easier! [Read more…]


Purchasing gifts for people can be very difficult. Some people are just hard to shop for! And we all know it can be so difficult to come up with creative, unique gifts! One totally funky and cool solution to the age old gift-purchasing quandary is to shop on Etsy. Have you met Etsy before? If not, we are sorry and sad for you! But that’s okay, we will introduce you now! Etsy is one of THE coolest websites ever. Looking for something handmade, unique, vintage, etc.? Etsy to the rescue! Etsy gifts are the best because they tend to be rare and/or one of a kind. Today, we are bringing you a list of awesome Etsy gifts for everyone you know! Need a wedding present? Etsy’s got it. How about a unique birthday present for your BFF? Etsy has that too. Something special for dad? Yes, Etsy is bound to have something! [Read more…]


Unless you’d decided to take a few years hiatus from the internets, you’ve no doubt heard of Etsy. Considered by most as the marketplace for buying and selling vibrant handmade craft and vintage items, there are some incredible treasures to be had. [Read more…]


If you’re like most of us, there’s a good chance you’ve found a way to insert coffee into your morning waking-up ritual. Also, like most of us, your coffee maker is probably boring.

I think it’s safe to say that until now, you’d never given much thought to the machine that helps you get your caffeine fix. Neither had we. That is, until we decided to check out the annual home tech conference…at which point: mind = blown. [Read more…]