Couple Is Blessed With Child After Caring For Miracle Baby: Incredible Story! | Chicks News

It Is a known fact that some couples struggle more than others to get pregnant. For some, it’s the deciding factor for whether or not they look into adoption or not. That was the case here for couple Eric and Rachel White.

The couple managed to have a baby girl not long after they were married, but they struggled for a year and a half to conceive another child. They wanted their children to be close in age, so it was a stressful time for both of them.

This was when they looked into adoption for the time being. The main concern for the Whites when looking for a child, was the fact that it would be difficult for them to care for a special needs child, so they wanted to stay away from that if it was possible.

A few days later, they felt that they had met what felt like fate, and Gods way of saying it was the child for them. They met baby Josiah, who unfortunately was born without a brain. It was clear, that this would end in a death at any given time, but Eric and Rachel were sure that this child was what they wanted and needed.

It felt so right.

Doctors informed the couple that this baby could honestly not even make it a month, but in turn baby Josiah made it two whole years. It was an eventful and memorable time with this sweet child, with constant visits to the hospital. However, something more came about.

Four days after the couple brought their baby home, Rachel found that she had finally become pregnant. It was a miracle to say the least.

The couple was so fortunate for baby Josiah, and how much he blessed their lives. They found that everything truly happened for a reason, and that God was waiting to give them what they had wanted all along, because they cared for such an ill child.


Josiah White from The Work of Lionel Harris, II on Vimeo.
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