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For every person capable of cruelty and neglect in this world, there are angels like Sean McCormack that prove things aren’t as hopeless as they sometimes seem. This story restored my faith in humanity, and I hope it brightens your day.

When British dog-lover Sean McCormack came across this abandoned dog at a home in Taiwan, he was literally inches away from death. Now going by the name of Tiny, the poor thing had open sores, hardly any fur left, and was just skin and bones. Something compelled Sean to spring into action, and he took Tiny in to nurse him back to health. [Read more…]


Ever heard of Socotra? Neither had we. But when one of our readers sent us their vacation pics from the island, we knew we had to cover this story. It’s simply too cool. Located 220 miles off the coast of Yemen (in the Middle East), the island of Socotra is like nothing else found on our planet. It is home to some of the strangest plants and animals that are uniquely adapted to its hot and windswept lands. [Read more…]


Let’s face it, there are few things that are guaranteed in our culture: death, taxes…and advertisements. It’s impossible to avoid being bombarded with ads, whether it’s on TV, the internet or sadly enough, our public washrooms. It’s gotten to the point where many of us suffer from a recent phenomenon called ‘ad blindness’, where we know they’re there but [Read more…]

Prosthetic limbs have come a long way in terms of mobility, comfort and improved materials. Unfortunately they still carry a stigma for many that use them. Industrial designer Scott Summit threw the rulebook on traditional prosthetics out the window, and decided to try a different approach.

Together with orthopedic surgeon, Dr Kenneth Trauner, Scott founded Bespoke Innovations in San Francisco, CA.

The company’s goal is creating unique, customized prosthetic limbs that empower users. These pieces are beautiful, unique and meant to be proudly displayed. And WOW do they deliver! [Read more…]


Some foods have significantly more Calories than others but what does the difference actually look like. Each of the photographs below represents 200 Calories of the particular type of food. When you consider that an entire plate of broccoli contains the same number of Calories as a small spoonful of peanut butter, you might think twice the next time you decide what to eat. [Read more…]


At its peak in the early 1900s, Holland Island was a thriving community. It had nearly 70 structures including homes and shops, a school, post office, several general stores, and a church. The island also had it’s own doctor, a community center, and even a baseball team that would travel by boat for away games.

Fast forward to today, and all we had left is a SINGLE Victorian home remaining from this era. It has braved the elements and tried to fight erosion on Holland Island in Chesapeake Bay for over a century. Despite owners best efforts to save the house and protect the island [Read more…]


This story originally appeared on, written by Amy Roberts.

This year is different. You’ve decided to stick to your work out plan, and you got a gym membership to stay motivated. What you may not have bargained for: The risk of respiratory, gastrointestinal, and skin infection-causing germs. No, that’s not an excuse to be a couch potato. Thankfully, most people have healthy immune protections and do fine. But you should take some precautions. Here are the most common places those germs lurk – and how you can stay healthy. [Read more…]