Claimed To Be Fraternal Twins Since Birth, The Two Know Something Is Off By The Look Of Their Hands! | Chicks News

Since their birth, twins Erika and Kristin were continuously told that they were fraternal twins. The problem however was, they found themselves to be too similar to not be identical.

The mother of Erika and Kristin thought that it would be best if the two girls lived out separate lives. Being twins, she didn’t want them to feel as though they needed to compete with one another or do anything that the other was doing.  She felt that it was important for them to be their own person. Even though the girls were involved in different things, and ran with two different crowds, they still could not deny that they were almost exactly the same.

They found that the both of them them shared what they called “freakishly similar” hands, which was what made it so difficult to tell the two apart when they were young. They found that they completed one another and had a bond like no other.

So how were they still fraternal twins?

As the women grew up, they both again lived two very different lives with their jobs and families, though they still could not get over the fact that they were so similar.

Could the doctor have made a mistake?

It finally got to the point where Erika and Kristin decided to get their DNA tested by what is called 23AndMe, where they would see if they had the same genetic makeup or not.

Well, it turns out that the two twins had been identical all along and they had been told they were fraternal since birth! The two felt as though it was one big relief, knowing that something wasn’t right all that time and now they finally had found their answer.

“For the first time in forever I was speechless. Being a twin is unlike a typical sibling relationship. You share a womb. It is a bond that is difficult to describe. It is your identity,” Erika said.23AndMe

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