Chris Brown Finally Speaks Out About Assault On Rihanna. Unbelievable! | Chicks News

Chris Brown will star in his own documentary Welcome to My Life: The Official Chris Brown Documentary, which will release whenever an announcement date comes about. This documentary will cover the rise of Chris Brown as a star, and the decision that changed his whole life forever, which was the night that he assaulted singer and ex Rihanna.

Chris Brown released a preview of his documentary where he says: “This is the first time I get to say anything.”

Which is pretty true. Not many people have heard him speak out about this assault and this happened years ago in 2009.

Quite some time to keep quiet if you ask me.

In this preview, Brown says that he contemplated suicide after what he did. He couldn’t eat or sleep for quite some time and all he could do was get high so he would forget about the whole situation.

Chris Brown went from being at the top of the charts, to the most hated man to some after the abuse.

Years later he is finally breaking the silence. Watch the preview below!

Chris Brown – Welcome to My Life – Trailer from Riveting Entertainment on Vimeo.
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