Childrens Books Hilariously Retitled For Adults

As a young child, you probably enjoyed having books read to you. When you got a little older, you may have enjoyed reading books on your own. There are so many phenomenal childrens books out there that teach important lessons and tell heartwarming tales.

So, what could be funnier than classic children’s books with funny and outrageous new titles? Very little! Scroll down to check out some hilariously re-titled childrens books.


There are bound to be valuable life lessons in this Dr. Seuss book! We would hope the overarching message would be “don’t smoke crack.” But, you never know with Dr. Suess!

Well, some people learn best when things are very bluntly explained to them. Sounds like a good read to keep your ego in check!

Poor bunny though. We can relate. We have all been there at least once. Wait, you haven’t??

“And today, children, we are going to read about foot fetishes.” “Miss Smith, what’s a fetish?”

Right on, right on. Start teaching them while they are young!

Bad day, bad hangover. Those things can go hand-in-hand. This would definitely be a good, relatable read for some adults. A friendly tale reminding us that even bad hangovers end eventually.

What a creepy book. And even creepier looking bear.

Everything you ever wanted to know about peyote right there in a Little Golden Book!

This is a great read when you want to teach your children to be cold, unfeeling human beings. This is main stream, darlings! You know, that popular song from Frozen does go “Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know.”

There is probably a great deal of truth in this childrens book title. Especially in Colorado!

Well, this Peanuts book title is just a buzzkill. No pun intended.

All hilariously re-titled childrens books were sourced from Pinterest.