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I’m sure by now, you’ve all heard of the so called “Hot Dog Princess.” Last week, Holly Springs School of Dance in North Carolina celebrated its annual Princess Week. One cute little girl named Ainsley decided to stand out from the crowd by wearing this precious hot dog costume. Now, the internet has taken to celebrating her for her brash individuality and has dubbed her the Hot Dog Princess. However, this is only half of the story. You must see what happened to adorable little Ainsley next! [Read more…] about Adorable #HotDogPrincess is Storming Social Media! Guess Who Visited Her Recently!


Bedrooms are an important place. It is where we find sanctuary and get our rest. Bedrooms should ideally be calming, functional, and organized. Today, we have some suggestions for adorable and unique bedroom decor ideas that are also practical. [Read more…] about 6 Adorable And Unique Bedroom Decor Ideas To Improve your Room Immediately!

If you are a parent of multiples, you probably get asked lots of questions about your children. The questions are generally innocent in nature. But, hearing the same questions over and over again can get annoying. You have to see how this mother responded to the constant barrage of questions. [Read more…] about Mother Of Twins Grew Tired Of Answering Questions & Shared Hilarious Photo!


Why not start your day off with some energizing yoga poses in your bed?? Start your morning with some ‘om’ and a touch of namaste! Check out these 3 easy yoga poses you can do before you even get out of bed and start your day. [Read more…] about Three Easy, Energizing Yoga Poses You Can Do Even In Bed!

If you ask most people about their dream vacation destinations in United States, most people would say Hawaii or perhaps somewhere in Florida. Maybe a few others would say California or even Texas. You may not realize it, but their are countless, incredible vacation destinations right here in the United States that are completely underrated! Some of these places may be closer than you think! You must check out these highly underrated vacation spots and see all there is to see. [Read more…] about Don’t Miss Out on These Highly Underrated Vacation Spots In The US!


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to organize and spruce up your kitchen! Check out these inexpensive kitchen ideas that you can easily customize. [Read more…] about These Awesome & Easy Kitchen Ideas Work Well For Those of You On A Budget!


The first official day of summer is rapidly approaching. This means sunny days spent by the pool or on the beach, cook outs, and other fun summer celebrations. What compliments a nice day spent soaking up the sun better than a tasty and refreshing drink? Today, we are bringing you an awesome recipe for Cherry Beergarita!


This recipe is so easy to prepare. It has also become an extremely popular drink. Who doesn’t like a beer/margarita combo?? Give it a try for yourself. You won’t regret it!

Cherry Beergarita Ingredients:

12 ounces of tequila

12 ounces of Corona

12 ounces of your favorite cherry flavored soda (such as cherry 7 Up)

12 ounces of thawed out limeade concentrate

Lime slices (for garnishing your cups)

Cherry Beergarita Directions:

Find a pitcher large enough to combine all the ingredients. Then, pour in the tequila, Corona, cherry soda, and limeade concentrate. Stir everything together gently. Pour the mixture into your cups and garnish the cups with the lime slice. Enjoy!

Suggestions: If you want to reduce the calorie content of the Cherry Beergarita drink, you can use diet soda in place of regular soda. You could also throw a few cherries into your drink along with the lime garnish (or you could skip the lime garnish).


Whether you #standwithher or just can’t stand her more than a can of SPAM, we can all acknowledge that last night was a historic night for Hillary Clinton and for women everywhere in the United States. Clinton is the first female candidate to ever become a presumptive presidential nominee for either political party. Celebs took to Twitter and Instagram to share their excitement at this momentous accomplishment. [Read more…] about How Do You Think These Mega Celebs Reacted To Hillary’s Historic Win?


A video has recently been circulating around the internet of a man standing in front of a black panther’s exhibit at what appears to be a zoo or wildlife preserve. The man is casually talking as he stand in front of a wall where the black panther is standing and watching. Slowly, you see the panther stalking the man as if he is going to attack. What happens next was just incredible! [Read more…] about Zoo Worker Thought it Was All Over When a Panther Lunged…You MUST SEE What Actually Happens!!


Check out these super crazy and weird desserts! Some of the recipes in this list are pretty strange, but you may love them. Be bold, give them a try! [Read more…] about These 8 MUST SEE Crazy And Weird Desserts are the Most Unreal Thing I’ve Ever Seen!