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If you have cats and love wine, you must check out this hilarious new product for felines! The Apollo Peak company has created a wine equivalent for cats. This is so darn funny and cute! [Read more…] about Wine Lovers, You Cannot Miss This Hilarious New Cat Friendly Product!

Last November, Kimberly Fradel went to her doctor’s office for an ultrasound to check on her unborn baby. She and her husband, Gavin Fradel, received the shock of their lives. You MUST check out this story. [Read more…] about She Goes in for a Routine Ultrasound. You Won’t Believe How This Appointment Changed Her Life Forever!

Does your hair feel dull and dried out after this past winter? You MUST check out this glossing creme that Kim Kardashian swears by! [Read more…] about This Wonder Hair Product is Kim K’s Secret Weapon! Check Out This Must Have!

Chrissy Teigen, her husband John Legend, and a squad of their good friends recently spent a fun evening at Disney World. Chrissy posted several photos to her Instagram feed and videos to Snapchat about her night out at Disney. [Read more…] about Hilarious Chrissy Teigen Splash Mountain Photo Fail Turns Into Classic Mom Joke!

An 86-year-old British grandmother’s adorably polite Google search has gone viral thanks to her grandson, Ben. [Read more…] about Ultra Polite Grandma is Killing Google With Kindness. Find Out Her Story Went Viral!

If you have ever been around an infant, you know that unexpected things can happen quite often. You know, blowouts, projectile vomiting, spit up, endless amounts of drool, etc. However, dogs don’t seem to be aware that these sorts of things happen around young babies. Today, a hilarious video of a baby and a boxer relaxing together has gone viral. [Read more…] about Baby & Boxer Relax on the Floor Together. What Happened Next Is HILARIOUS!

By now, you have probably heard the song ‘Cake by the ocean’ by DNCE. It’s a fun song to dance to and sing along with. But, have you tried the Cake By The Ocean cocktail? Probably not! So let’s change that. Give this tasty drink recipe a try! [Read more…] about You MUST Try This Cake By The Ocean Cocktail!!

Families are beginning to arrange funerals for loved ones who were tragically killed in the recent night club shooting in Orlando, Florida. In the days since the terrible attack took place, people are donating blood, making donations, offering to help the families, and showing visible displays of solidarity. [Read more…] about This Moving Story Restored My Faith In Humanity! You Must Read This!

There are so many incredible, must-see places on this earth. So many that it would difficult to keep track of them all! Possibly one of THE BEST has to be Jellyfish Lake Palau! [Read more…] about Everyone MUST Visit Jellyfish Lake In Palau At Least Once!


A group of 11 trained golden retrievers from the K-9 Comfort Dogs group have been taken to Orlando, Florida to comfort individuals who have  been affected by the tragic night club shooting. Specifically, the dogs have been spending time with first responders and people who were injured in the shooting. [Read more…] about Must See Video of K-9 Comfort Dogs Helping Grieving People In Orlando