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How did we get from parlor calls to hookups in less than a century? You can skip the trend pieces. The folks over at have pulled together an infographic outlining  the history of dating—the many bemoaned, illicit, and celebrated traditions of romancing. As to how we got to our views on dating today, I think social media and the internet has had a big impact – what do you think? [Read more…]


This story originally appeared on, written by Amy Roberts.

This year is different. You’ve decided to stick to your work out plan, and you got a gym membership to stay motivated. What you may not have bargained for: The risk of respiratory, gastrointestinal, and skin infection-causing germs. No, that’s not an excuse to be a couch potato. Thankfully, most people have healthy immune protections and do fine. But you should take some precautions. Here are the most common places those germs lurk – and how you can stay healthy. [Read more…]


Yes I know. These days, everyone and their Grandmother has an opinion on what the secrets are for staying young and beautiful. What makes this blog post any different? Well for starters, the tips I’m about to share are easy, helpful, and actually based on real results (not theory and scientific jargon). Thanks and credit goes to Sarah Kelsey from for the beauty advice.

These 15 beauty gems will make sure you put your best face forward all the time. So let’s get to it! [Read more…]


At some point in our lives, most of us ladies have pretended to be that special Disney fairy tale princess. What happens when our favourite childhood fantasies meet the sexy, sophisticated world of fashion? Deviantart user Sashiiko-Anti decided to find out. She decided to explore 26 of our favourite Disney heroines and villains in style.

Based on her technique, it’s pretty clear she’s got an amazing grasp of classic fashion design. And as someone that (in my previous life) dabbled in fashion school, I have to say she’s the real deal! [Read more…]


If there’s one thing the Walking Dead show has taught me, it’s the importance of location, location, location! Wide open areas, elevated ground, and quiet countrysides would give you the best fighting chance of survival against those brain-hungry walkers.

We’ve rounded up some of the best homes from around the world that offer all these things. They’re private, secluded and…unfortunately cost an arm and a leg (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun). [Read more…]