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Harry Potter fans, you are going to love this story! Two Oregon parents (who also happen to LOVE the Harry Potter series) recently had their second child, a boy. They wanted their son to have a special newborn photo shoot. After some thought, the parents decided that a perfect theme for their son’s photo shoot would be none other than Harry Potter! The result was, not surprisingly, completely adorable! In the photos, the sweet newborn baby is only 4 days old. [Read more…]

In the days following the horrific murder of 5 Texas police officers, incredible stories about those individuals have come out. 9-year-old Caroline Smith, the daughter of Mike Smith, one of the murdered officers recently disclosed during an interview the heartbreaking final words he said to her before he left for his final shift. As he normally did, Officer Mike Smith gave Caroline a hug and a kiss. [Read more…]

School superintendents have a very important job. The superintendent oversees all the schools within a district and takes the lead on many initiatives, programs, and budget related issues. A school district in Missouri has one of the very best superintendents a district could ever hope to employ. Dr. Tiffany Anderson is the superintendent of Jennings School District, which is located in a predominantly African American  community. [Read more…]

With all the sad news in the world these days, we thought you might enjoy a sweet, uplifting story. A little 3-year-old boy’s mother recently explained to him that many police officers were getting injured. The little boy decided “we should tell them we are thankful for them!” You MUST check out what he does next!! [Read more…]

Weddings are fun, festive occasions full of laughter and love. Individual taste and touches make each wedding as unique as the couple getting married! Some couples have incredible visions for their wedding, and the end result is absolutely breathtaking. You have to see these AMAZING wedding photos that you wish you could recreate (or perhaps you will attempt to recreate!)

Photo Credit: Pinterest

How stunning is this winter wedding?? Ahh.

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Wow. Those Chinese Lanterns create an absolutely breathtaking sight!

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We love the way the bride’s veil creates a slightly hazy but romantic feeling in this photo!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

That sunset and the ocean… OMG! Love!

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The glow from that light is jaw droppingly beautiful!

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This photo looks like it is straight out of a fairy tale!

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How ethereal! The bright green foliage contrasts so beautifully with the bride’s white dress.

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Totally beautiful and oozing with romance!

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Lately, there has been a great deal of unrest, distrust, and fear in this country. In recent months, the U.S. has faced  the threat of terrorism, dealt with racial issues, observed a seemingly dissolving political system, and so much more. We see these issues in different forms- some subtle and latent, and some highly visible and pronounced. Of late, racial tensions have boiled over to new heights for this century in the U.S. We have been  witnessing a lot of death, violence, and heartache. [Read more…]

Very little is more satisfying than creating your own household decor and furniture. However, it can also be rather frustrating at times. Ultimately, the end results makes it not worth the stress or hassle you may encounter. That sentiment is not the case with this custom DIY hammock. [Read more…]

Just recently, a group of prisoners detained in a Texas prison broke out of their jail cell… for the right reason. An on-duty guard slumped over suddenly right in front of the prisoners. They knew something was wrong, so they began to yell and bang on their cell hoping to get other guards’ attention. But what happened next is something I’ll never forget!! [Read more…]

Pokémon Go is the latest hit app that people are going crazy over! With Pokémon Go, you train, capture, and battle Pokémon in the real world through augmented reality. That means, you can literally see Pokémon right in front of you (with the help of your mobile phone, of course)! The app just recently released this month. Not surprisingly, it did not take long for hilarious tweets about the app to appear on various social media platforms. Some of the funniest tweets about Pokémon Go have shown up on Twitter. You have to see some of these hilarious tweets below! [Read more…]

Most young children have a favorite toy, blanket, or object they keep near them at all times. Whatever the beloved item is, it serves as a source of comfort and happiness for young children. But, what happens when that beloved item accidentally gets destroyed or lost? In most cases, the world completely crumbles! Two parents recently found that out when their young son’s favorite toy elephant went missing. Unsure of what to do, the boy’s parents turned to Reddit to help them console their young son. What happened next is stunning and hilarious! [Read more…]