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Pokémon Go is the latest hit app that people are going crazy over! With Pokémon Go, you train, capture, and battle Pokémon in the real world through augmented reality. That means, you can literally see Pokémon right in front of you (with the help of your mobile phone, of course)! The app just recently released this month. Not surprisingly, it did not take long for hilarious tweets about the app to appear on various social media platforms. Some of the funniest tweets about Pokémon Go have shown up on Twitter. You have to see some of these hilarious tweets below! [Read more…] about Millions Around The World Are Going Crazy For Pokemon Go. Check Out The Funniest Tweets In Response!

Most young children have a favorite toy, blanket, or object they keep near them at all times. Whatever the beloved item is, it serves as a source of comfort and happiness for young children. But, what happens when that beloved item accidentally gets destroyed or lost? In most cases, the world completely crumbles! Two parents recently found that out when their young son’s favorite toy elephant went missing. Unsure of what to do, the boy’s parents turned to Reddit to help them console their young son. What happened next is stunning and hilarious! [Read more…] about Parents Accidentally Lost Child’s Favorite Toy. You Won’t Believe How The Internet Bailed Them Out!

Selfies are all the rage these days. Some people go to extreme measures to get the perfect selfie. In fact, there have recently been a few instances where people lost their lives falling off cliffs or other high-up locations because they were trying to take the best selfie they could. One man recently took the selfie of a lifetime. What made his selfie so special? He managed to take a sloth selfie!! [Read more…] about He Found Something In A Tree And Was SHOCKED!! Find Out Why His Picture Went Viral on Social Media!


Moms and Dads typically play slightly different roles in their children’s lives. They both serve as caretakers for their children and they share some of the same responsibilities when it comes to parenthood. However, moms are typically the nurturers and dads are usually the ones who are all about having fun. [Read more…] about STOP Letting Your Husband Watch the Kids! I Couldn’t Believe What These Dads Did While Watching Their Kids!

One of the worst imaginable scenarios that could occur at a wedding is the bride or groom being left at the altar. It does not seem to happen very often, but indeed it does happen on occasion! Recently, one groom was standing at the altar with his bride all ready to exchange vows. Then suddenly, he turned away from her! She looked completely shocked and confused. Surely she and the priest must have been thinking “what is going on??” [Read more…] about I Couldn’t Believe This Groom Left His Bride At The Alter! When I Found Out Who It Was For Stunned

There are number of foods that are unhealthy or unsafe for dogs. Some of these foods include chocolate, grapes, onions, avocado, and more. Despite the fact that we can’t safely share those foods with our dogs, there are countless foods we eat that we can safely share with our beloved canine companions. When I saw this video of a precious, cute Corgi eating vegetables, I lost it. [Read more…] about Social Media Is Going Crazy Over This Cute Corgi Reacting To Fruits & Veggies!

2-year-old triplets Heaton, Holden, and Wilder have a very special friendship with a few unlikely individuals. When I saw this story and found out why they chase after the local garbage truck, my heart absolutely melted! Yours will too! [Read more…] about When I Found Out Why These Adorable Triplets Chase After The Garbage Truck I Melted!


Hey coffee lovers, what could be better than a cup of delicious coffee during these warm summer mornings? How about incredible coffee hacks that make your iced coffee 10x better? Today, we are telling you about a particular coffee hack that can help you make perfect iced coffee. [Read more…] about These Sneaky Iced Coffee Hacks Are the Secrets Coffee Shops Have Been Trying to Hide From You!!


The 4th of July is just a few days away. You have to try this absolutely delicious, simple, and patriotic drink recipe! You will LOVE it! [Read more…] about Must Try Red White And Blue Sangria!


Justin and Nancy Rhode were both 30 and had been married for 3 years when they began trying to have a baby. Quickly, they realized that they were going to need some assistance. They did 4 rounds of invitro fertilization (IVF), but the attempts were all unsuccessful. From there, the couple tried surrogacy but that initially successful pregnancy ended in miscarriage. Things seemed bleak and they were ready to give up! You must check out this story of miraculous twinblings. [Read more…] about Couple Tried So Hard For a Baby and Failed Every Time-They Planned to Give Up When a Miracle Happened!!