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It is a beautiful thing to witness a person doing something kind for someone else and expecting absolutely nothing in return. One man in Guatemala was unknowingly filmed doing just that. You must see this. [Read more…]


When most individuals get a bug bite, they get a red bump that itches very badly. It might get a bit swollen, but in a few days the redness decreases and the itchiness goes away. One man recently had a different, and thankfully rare bug bite reaction. [Read more…]


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are expecting their second child together. Recently, Blake appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and talked about her pregnancy. She also talked about her young daughter, James. Blake described her daughter’s growing vocabulary as well as her difficulties with mispronouncing words. [Read more…]


It is always funny when children imitate things they have seen in movies or on television. Children seem to put their own unique spin on what they observe. Perhaps they modify the quotes they hear or the actions they witness. Either way, it ends up being amusing! [Read more…]


Some people have begun to view police officers in a very negative light recently. So much so that these negative views have propagated violence throughout the United States. These violent acts have been targeted at police officers who are out doing their job. With all these terrible events happening in the United States and around the world, it feels good to hear stories such as the one we are about the share. [Read more…]


Do you suffer from dry, itchy skin? Do skin care products you purchase at your local grocery store further irritate your skin? If so, be sure to check out these dry skin remedies and other herbal skin care remedies you can make all by yourself! [Read more…]


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Few sounds in life are better than a baby’s belly laugh. A genuine laugh from a sweet little baby can bring a smile to anyone’s face! These days with all the sadness in the world, we could all use a smile and a good laugh. One father recently filmed a hilarious video as he spent time with his infant son, Ace. Like many other babies, certain words, intonations, or expressions can make Ace laugh. [Read more…]

Ladies, you will definitely regret not trying this delicious Moscato Strawberry Lemonade recipe! It is the perfect summer drink to sip beside a pool, at the beach, or while you are relaxing in a hammock. It is so easy to make and it is extremely tasty. Give it a try! [Read more…]

Every parent knows how beautiful and painful it is to watch your child or children grow up. There is something so incredible about watching your tiny human grow into a somewhat independent child with their own personality, and then into a teenager (so much fun), and finally into a completely independent adult. [Read more…]