Check These Adorably Cute Halloween Costumes for Kids!

October is here, and before we know it Halloween will be here too. As we all know, children tend to look especially adorable when they are dressed up in cute Halloween costumes. Today, we are showing you some super darling kids in their costumes. Some of the costumes are funny, some of the costumes are very creative, but all of these pictures are really cute. You have been warned!

Cute Halloween costumes

Credit: Pinterest

Check out this little gumball machine girl! This costume looks pretty easy to make, but is SO cute.

Credit: Pinterest

Harry Potter fans, you should love this costume. A little mandrake! For those of you who are not familiar with Harry Potter, a mandrake is a plant that has a root that screams when it is unearthed. A young mandrake’s scream can knock a person unconscious for a few hours.

Credit: Pinterest

How cute is this little cutie?? What a clever and easy to put together costume.