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This is so darn cute. You need to check out this adorable TBT from these celebs!

Kate Beckinsale, Michael Sheen, and their daughter Lily Mo Sheen recreated an adorable photo from 1999. The result? A sweet and somewhat amusing new photo! Kate Beckinsale shared the photos on her Instagram page today. She shared the original photo from Lily’s birth in 1999 beside the recreated photo from today. This photo proves that Kate Beckinsale just does not seem to age! Michael Sheen still looks pretty good too! Their daughter Lily is nearly a spitting image of Kate.


Photo Credit: Instagram/Kate Beckinsale

Reenactments seem to be a favorite thing for this former couple and their teenage daughter. Kate recently revealed during an interview that she and Michael reenacted Lily’s birth on her 16th birthday. However, she was fully clothed this time around! That is certainly a unique way to celebrate your child’s 16th birthday. Although Kate and Michael have been separated since 2003, they still have a good relationship with one another.