Check out These Scariest Chicago Hauntings this Halloween

If you love spooky stuff, there is a good chance October is one of your favorite months. October is the perfect time to freak yourself out with horror movies, haunted corn mazes, scary books, and frighteningly disturbing haunted locations. For us, haunted locations are by far the most fear-inducing. If you are going to be in the Chicago area on or around Halloween, you may want to visit some of these truly scary places in Chicago. Check out these Chicago hauntings!

Clark Street Bridge in Chicago, IL

Source: Wikipedia

Many people claim to hear the screams and moans of over 800 people who died when the Eastland, a passenger boat, sank near the Clark Street Bridge. Visit the Clark Street Bridge and perhaps you will hear the screams and cries too.

Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago, IL

Credit: Wikipedia

The Congress Plaza Hotel is said to be inhabited by many ghosts. Some people claim to have seen the ghost of Al Capone.