Check Out These Hilariously Funny Dog Photobomb Pictures

It is not unusual for couples and families to include beloved pets in their family photos, engagement photos, and sometimes even wedding photos. One couple recently decided to include their adorable Dachshund, Louie, in their engagement photos. Louie’s owners, Megan and Chris, mentioned to their photographer that Louie LOVED playing in the leaves prior to the start of their photo shoot. This lead to some priceless dog photobomb pictures.

The photographer never could have imagined just how much little Louie enjoyed playing in the leaves. Megan and Chris set Louie free to play in the leaves, and hilarity ensued. Louie jumped, flipped, and photobombed all the engagement photos taken in the leaves! Louie successfully blocked Chris in many of the photos, and completely blocked both Megan and Chris in other photos! The look of pure joy on Louie’s face will have you in hysterics.

Check the hilarious dog photobomb pictures below!

Photo credit: DnK Photography