Check Out these Animals That Mate for Life!

French angelfish can often be seen swimming next to their partner, and they stay together until one partner dies. Although they do spend some time apart, they celebrate their reunion by swimming around each other (known as carouseling).

Credit: Flickr

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Albatross also partner for life. They spend time apart when they travel, but they always mate with the same albatross. They gradually form their relationships over a few years, but after a relationship is formed it lasts for life.

Credit: Wikipedia

Turtle doves are paired in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” for a reason- they mate for life. You cannot have one turtle dove without the other!

Credit: Flickr

Some people think penguins mate for life. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Penguins do tend to mate with the same penguin multiple times throughout their lives, but they are not always monogamous. Oh well, as long as the penguins are on the same page about their “monogamish” relationships.

Credit: Flickr