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As much as Hollywood loves to depict their celebrities as glamorous and flawless, behind the video editing and makeup are more…ordinary souls, complete with imperfections and all. Here’s a list of celebrities that are known to have physical scars, as well as the stories behind how they got them. [Read more…]


This story is as adorable as it gets! A nursing home in Germany (the Contilla Retirement Group in Essen) has produced one of the most ‘in-demand’ calendars of 2014.  The stars of the show? Dapper looking senior citizens of course :). [Read more…]


These lesser known facts about your favourite celebrities may cause you to never see them the same way again. You’ve been warned! [Read more…]


If you’re at all into EDM (Electronic Dance Music), you’ve no doubt heard of breakout star Avicii, thanks to smash hits like “Wake Me Up”. According to Forbes, Tim Berling, also known as Avicii, is the No. 6 world’s highest paid DJ, earning a cool $20 million last year (No. 1 was Calvin Harris, for all you inquiring minds).

And it looks like the 24 year old Swede spent a good chunk of that payday snagging an absolutely stunning Hollywood Hills mansion. The price tag? A cool $15.75 mil. Thankfully, the Pinnacle List was kind enough to share these jaw-dropping pics of the home’s interior with the rest of us mere mortals. [Read more…]


It’s a well known fact in Hollywood’s inner circles: the Vanity Fair Oscars Party is one of the swankiest bashes to be at, in the aftermath of the awards ceremony. Things have been known to get a little crazy in there!

This year was no exception either. The VF part was packed with a who’s who of famous (and infamous) celebrities. The biggest stars and Oscar winners all made an appearance at some point in the festivities. Thank goodness photographer Mark Seliger was there, taking some simply gorgeous portraits at the party’s photo booth. [Read more…]