Celebrity Candace Cameron-Bure Stands Up For Marriage Beliefs On TalkShow | Chicks News

Candace Cameron-Bure, previous star of Full House, is the face of someone who stands up for their beliefs. She was recently on the talk show, The View where her beliefs really came out for all to hear.

Joy Behar, who is the talk show host of The View brought about the topic of divorce, stating that 40% of men enjoy divorce because of the “new booty.”

This really hit hard to Candace, being she has been married for 19 years now! She shared her thoughts about why sex in a long-term marriage is much more meaningful and worth-while than just a “new booty.”

Behar, who apparently disagreed asked the star why she would think such thing and proceeded to ask her to name at least 3 reasons that it was better than a new partner.

She wasn’t really expecting her to fire back with more than that.

“I think sex is much better when you’re in a long-term relationship because there’s a trust factor. I don’t want to get so personal in that area, but it gets better each year because you trust more. You feel safe. And then, it’s good. It’s GOOD,” she laughed, along with an audience who clearly liked listening to her.

She then went on to say, “Marriage builds your character. Especially when you go through that roller coaster of marriage, when you go through the difficult times, and you get through them and past them, they strengthen you. You have so many more character traits – patience, kindness, cooperation, and love, and I think that’s a wonderful thing – that’s wisdom.” The View

Even on the opposite end, Candace can agree that a lot of marriages are toxic and that some for some people the best option is divorce. That doesn’t mean those in happy marriages should be degraded though.

Nowadays, it’s so acceptable and normal for divorce. In fact, the divorce rate and marriages that stay together is about even. It’s nice to see someone such as Candace Cameron-Bure who stands up for her beliefs in marriage.

H/T Thoughtful Women