Cast your Gaze Upon these Ugly Sweater Fall Fails

Fall is here, and everyone is getting ready to bust out their cozy fall sweaters. Admittedly, sweaters are great for cool autumn days. That being said, some people display ugly sweater fall fails! You may be thinking “aren’t they talking about ugly Christmas sweaters??” No, we are talking about those really unflattering or ugly patterned fall sweaters that really should not exist. We acknowledge that everyone has different taste, and what we view as being ugly may be lovely in another person’s eyes.

Credit: Pinterest

Alright. Well, this sweater is just a little bit busy and the colors aren’t super flattering. If anyone could pull if off, it is probably this girl. However, we still think its ugly.

Credit: Pinterest

Uhhhh tassel overload. This just isn’t very cute. Reserve tassels for graduation caps, lampshades, and loafers.