Can You Believe What This Incredible Couple Did to Expand Their Family?!? | Chicks News

A couple recently adopted unwanted embryos from the National Embryo Donation Center, which is a Christian embryo storage bank. Although this may sound unusual, many frozen embryos created for couples pursuing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments discard or donate the embryos they do not want or need to use.

Photo Credit: Aaron Halbert

The devout Christian couple believes that life begins at conception, so they felt compelled to adopt from the embryo bank. They previously adopted two young African American children. In making the decision to adopt from the embryo bank, the couple felt that they should expand their family by adopting embryos that came from biological African American parents.

The special adoption of the embryos resulted in the recent birth of three beautiful African American female babies. With the addition of the triplet girls, the couple feels that their family is now complete!