Broke College Students Life Hacks to Maximize Spendings

College is a mostly fun experience that typically spans 4 to 5 years. While you are growing, learning, and having a great time, you are (most likely) also living life as broke college students. You are too busy partying err… we mean studying…you’re too busy ‘studying’ to have a job. So, you live off your parent’s money, or you live off some of your student loan money. It can be tough getting by as a broke college student.

Well, broke college students, we have some college life hacks to help you get through those economically challenging 4 (or 5) years. And we have some life hacks just to make college a little easier as well.

Here we go:

Credit: Pinterest

  • Are you in need of some cups for your dorm room or apartment? Use leftover soda bottles or glass bottles to create inexpensive cups!

Credit: Wikipedia

Credit: Wikipedia

  • Create your own picture “frames” out of washi tape on your walls.