Brave Woman With Cancer Has To Ask Her Friend THE Hardest Question | Chicks News

Beth Laitkep, a single mother to 6 children was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was pregnant with her youngest child in 2014. The baby was delivered slightly early so Beth could begin aggressive treatment for her cancer. Beth seemed to be responding to her treatments within approximately a year. Sadly, in June of 2015 Beth’s cancer returned. During that time, Beth was able to reunite and reconnect with her old high school friend, Stephanie Culley. After reconnecting, Stephanie began to help Beth out by taking her to her doctor appointments, helping around her home and with her children, and keeping her company when she was bed-bound. This is where the story takes a heart wrenching turn. You WON’T believe what she asked of her friend.


Photo Credit: GoFundMe

Despite receiving more treatments, Beth’s cancer began to spread to her bones, then to her spine and her brain. At that point, the doctors said they could do nothing else for Beth’s cancer. The two women then began to discuss Beth’s 6 children. Beth’s older children’s’ father was not involved, and the father of her younger children left her when she was diagnosed with cancer. Facing the terminal nature of her condition, Beth asked Stephanie”take care of my babies?” After asking the children who they wold want to be with if their mom didn’t get a miracle, they all indicated that they wanted to be together with Stephanie. Tragically, on May 19 Beth Laitkep passed away at the age of 39. Just as Stephanie promised, she and her husband took Beth’s 6 children in. For the time being, Stephanie has temporary custody of the children. They will appear in court soon to pursue permanent custody of the children. It looks like Beth will get her final wish; her children will all stay together and be raised by her close friend, Stephanie.