Boyfriend Gets Down On One Knee To Propose To Girlfriend. What Happens Next Has Everyone Talking! | Chicks News

When seeing a proposal happen whether it’s in person, or viewing a video of someone else, I often wonder how nervous and excited couples are during this experience and how some people can remain completely calm. Proposals can be unexpected and put you on the spot, where others are often planned out ahead of time through several family members to make sure that it’s as perfect as can be.

While some women can keep their calm and give a simple yes, I’ve found that others nervousness completely overcomes them and they faint! Yes, a woman actually fainted. Cameron Humfleet, who is the boyfriend of a woman named Brittany, planned out the perfect surprise proposal for his girlfriend. He incorporated his family as well as Brittany’s and thought that everything would run smoothly, until he popped the question that is. After getting down on one knee, and asking his girlfriend to be his bride, she completely fainted!

It took an entire fifteen minutes before Brittany woke up to a room full of family where she could give her boyfriend a “yes!” Poor Cameron had to wait all that time, but at least the couple will be happily married.

H/T Little Things